New design: a unique holiday villa

A paradise for surfers, but also for those who want to spot dolphins or enjoy a sunset. The location of Sagres in the south of Portugal is ideal in many ways. The old fishing village, which has a rich history, has an authentic atmosphere. A wonderful place for a holiday home, according to Remy and his wife, who bought a piece of land to build a house on. Remy was not keen on a house in traditional architecture. Nevertheless, he wanted to do justice to the environment. So he designed a holiday villa in which his specific design language and authentic elements come together. The partly open character of the house is striking, as it offers sufficient privacy due to its location on the spacious plot. On the street side, the villa looks more closed, because the wind hits the façade there. Remy's signature is also evident in the detailing and the ceramic tiles, which are not the characteristic red, but white. The bungalow, which will also be available to rent, will not be completed until summer 2022 at the earliest.