New project: Luxurious villa

This yet-to-be-built villa is part of a historic and wooded estate. Remy, who works with architect Barry Broekhuijse for this project, took the existing villa as the starting point for his design. The new construction contains a multitude of functions: from wine cellar to gym and from swimming pool to home cinema.
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Completed: pied-à-terre Knokke

It is not so much the exterior of this apartment complex in Knokke that attracts attention, this pied-à-terre does. Remy has done everything possible to add a number of characteristic elements to the interior. Materials such as swamp oak and natural stone enhance the look, thanks to their earthy yet tough appearance.
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New project: villa Lake Garda

Located on Lake Garda, Torri del Benaco is the place where Karl Heinz Castlunger of Garde Real Estate has left his architectural mark with contemporary designs that blend in with the surroundings. Remy also takes this into account when designing the interior of one of the villas. For example, the layout is not only tailored to the wishes of the client, but also to the surrounding nature. The three bedrooms and the living room each have their own atmosphere in which the use of materials and detailing are defining.
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