Unique door collection for TWIN DOORS

A door does not always come at the end, Remy thinks. It creates atmosphere in your home. That's why he designed a special collection of doors especially for TWIN DOORS - specialised in pivot doors. Unique to the collection for TWIN DOORS is the wide spectrum of colours and materials. From glass, wood, stone and metal to bronze, champagne, light grey and rosé. By varying, each door gets its own character.
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Showroom Remy Meijers Collectie

In Remy's interior projects all elements are in balance with each other as much as possible. That is why he prefers to design the furniture for these projects himself. This resulted in the Remy Meijers Collection. All designs have recently been brought together in De Lightboxx, a showroom located on the A28 motorway in Nijkerk. Those who are interested can visit the showroom by appointment.

Click here for more pictures of the showroom.
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Scondido design statement for Cosentino

With the launch of Scondido bathroom furniture, the collaboration between Remy and Cosentino is finally taking shape. 'I wanted to design a piece of furniture that can stand in a room like a piece of art, yet has practical properties.'  With this he refers to the drawers in the sideboard in which bathroom utensils can be stored. The furniture can be placed plug and play. Scondido has a prominent place in Cosentino City Amsterdam inspiration centre, which has been open since autumn 2020.
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