New project: interior design for Villa Ibiza

A sense of freedom, natural materials and light tones characterise the Ibiza Style. It goes without saying that it is a source of inspiration for Remy in the interior design of a villa near Ibiza Town. Nevertheless, his design style with architectural elements and a detailed finish will be visible in the final result. The layout of the villa is not only tailored to the wishes of the future residents, but also to the view. To emphasise the summery feel of the island, inside the villa sand tones in various shades are combined with bleached wood.
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New design: a unique holiday villa

The location of Sagres in the south of Portugal is ideal in many ways. A wonderful place for a holiday home, according to Remy and his wife, who bought a piece of land to build a house on. He was not keen on a house in traditional architecture. Nevertheless, he wanted to do justice to the environment. So he designed a holiday home in which his specific style and authentic elements come together. The open character of the bungalow, which offers sufficient privacy due to its location on the spacious plot, is striking.
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Unique door collection for TWIN DOORS

A door does not always come at the end, Remy thinks. It creates atmosphere in your home. That's why he designed a special collection of doors especially for TWIN DOORS - specialised in pivot doors. Unique to the collection for TWIN DOORS is the wide spectrum of colours and materials. From glass, wood, stone and metal to bronze, champagne, light grey and rosé. By varying, each door gets its own character.
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