Penthouse The Hague


The challenge for this shell-shaped penthouse in The Hague's embassy neighbourhood was to make the best possible use of the space. Not only the layout, but also the outdoor space obviously played an important role. The generous surface area is therefore arranged in such a way that almost every room offers a view of the park-like surroundings. At the heart of the penthouse is an inviting vestibule, including a private elevator, around which the functional areas are grouped in a square. A striking feature is the patio, which allows outside light to penetrate deep into the penthouse. The large living room adjoins the roof terrace, where the atmosphere of the city is palpable.
Almost every room offers views of the park-like surroundings
Key word in the design is luxury. This is also reflected in the use of a variety of materials, such as bog oak, a wood species that recurs in all rooms. The floorboards, with a width of 35 centimetres, emphasise the dimensions of the penthouse. Thanks to a balanced interplay of materials, the living room, kitchen and bedrooms each have a completely individual atmosphere. The same goes for the bathrooms, each of which has its own type of natural stone. The furniture designed by Remy and the high level of detail, visible for instance in the finishing of the pivot doors, complete the picture. A completely separate world has been created here.
The wide floorboards emphasise the dimensions of the penthouse