Manor in the countryside

New Layers

The original interior of this house, built in 1869, served as a guideline for a thorough renovation. Inspired by the existing 'double' walls, including cupboards, shutters and fireplaces, Zecc Architects added three connecting elements. They serve as an extra layer, but are also essential for the interior design. The natural stone walls in the sun lounge, kitchen and bathroom contribute to the contemporary look, but also emphasize the historic character of the building. That character has been maintained as much as possible, although with the future in mind. The rural villa is completely climate neutral.
Through the glass facades, interior and exterior space merge harmoniously, making the modern extension an eye catcher. The large kitchen is the heart of the house, partly due to the cupboard wall in which various functions are combined. The materials and the furniture create an extra layer, which ensures that every room has its very own atmosphere. The lighting fixtures play a special role in this. They are more than just functional. They are fully-fledged interior elements, which determine the look, which are impressive, especially in the kitchen and sun lounge.
The materials, furniture and lighting add an extra layer to the interior