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Retrospect Salon Residence

At the end of September, during Salon Residence, Singer Laren temporarily changed into a boutique hotel. Eighteen leading interior designers were inspired by the theme and created as many beautiful interiors.
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Successful launch Simply Elegant Elegant

Last Friday, interior designers Jan and Monique des Bouvrie and Marcel Wolterinck were given the first copies of Simply Elegant, the second monograph of Remy Meijers. The well-visited book presentation was one of the highlights of the second edition of Salon Residence in Singer Laren. During a short talk show in the theatre, presented by Froukje de Both, the makers of the book gave text and explanation.
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Salon Residence

According to the organization Salon Residence, from 28 September to 1 October in Singer Laren, Salon Residence is the interior event of the year. That is not a lie. Salon Residence offers a stage to no less than eighteen leading interior designers. Besides Remy, these include Marcel Wolterinck, Kate Hume, Kees Marcelis and Robert Kolenik. Remy has designed a special, inspiring room in which many of his designs come together.
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Remy is everywhere

A new book, a new website, new designs and projects. Remy is widely present this autumn. Simply Elegant is available from the end of September, the second book with designs by Remy. Not only does it cover his latest interior designs, it also pays ample attention to the collections he has launched in collaboration with leading Dutch companies. Remy's design vision is also set out on the basis of stimulating photographs by René Gonkel and others. The design by Carlo Elias and Edgar Smaling from Smel, the design agency that works together with photographer Anton Corbijn, Rituals, Bryan Adams and Zoo Magazine, is both special and challenging. Smel is also responsible for the design of the new website, which will be launched simultaneously with Simply Elegant at the end of September. Curious? In the autumn edition of the magazine Stijlvol Wonen, you can already see a sneak peek. The magazine also gives away ten signed copies of the book. Anyone who wants to have a chance to win the book can visit the Facebook page of Stijlvol Wonen.
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Nilson Collaboration

Passion, craftsmanship, outstanding quality and attention to detail. For Remy Meijers, these are the cornerstones of any project. It’s a belief he shares with Nilson beds, a producer with equally exacting standards. After all, a good night's sleep demands a comfortable bed. Accordingly, each of their beds is hand-built in the Netherlands, and made from natural materials to ensure a cool and dry sleeping environment.
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Discover Penthouse on the Canal

The quest for perfect balance

In the work of interior designer Remy Meijers (1974), all elements are perfectly in place. His interiors are therefore almost self-evident. As if they have always been like this. But there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. Behind the apparent simplicity of his interior designs lies a coherent and comprehensive vision honed continuously over two decades. Meijers’ oeuvre includes not only interiors, but also architecture, accessories and furniture. According to Meijers’ philosophy, these are not separate elements, but rather complementary parts of an intelligible whole.
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