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Iconic garden table Evora for Borek

New in the collection of Borek is the garden table Evora, designed by Remy. It is an absolute eye-catcher. Not only because of its generous dimensions, but also because of its iconic base, which gives the design an architectural feel. The frame is designed in a way that four chairs can easily be added on either side. The top is made of Dekton, an ultra-compact material developed by Cosentino.
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BlinX puts Remy Meijer's Collection in the spotlight

In the very heart of Blaricum you will find BlinX, an interior shop where you can find everything you need for your interior. The furniture from the Remy Meijers Collection has a special place in between these objects. BlinX operates as a dealer: the staff knows perfectly what the added value of the furniture designed by Remy can be.
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Remy is teaming up with Cosentino

In his projects, Remy regularly uses Cosentino products. The Spanish company is the world market leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design. Both parties have now finally found each other. Remy and Cosentino recently decided to enter into a partnership. This means that Remy, on the photo with key account manager Floris Driessen, will be working with Cosentino's materials. It is not yet known when the first results of the collaboration will be shown.
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Introduction The Best Dutch Interior Design 02

On Friday 27 September, the top of the Dutch interior architecture scene gathered in the former Diamond Exchange in Amsterdam for the presentation of The Best Dutch Interior Design 02. Remy's project Herenhuis tussen water en stad (Mansion between water and city) is included. Other interior architects whose work has been published are Linda Lagrand, Robert Kolenik, Mariska Jagt, and François Hannes. The book has been published by Hoog Design and can be ordered via the site.
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New design: head office in Almelo

An interior that reflects the industry in which Tronios is active. Remy had this in mind when he was commissioned to design the company's new headquarters in Almelo. Somewhat robust, because Tronios is a major player in the lighting and sound industry. Remy has selected raw materials such as black steel and uncut wood. Virtual spaces have been created with ceiling elements, rugs, furniture and luminaires, so that the interior still feels intimate.
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New design: villa in Wassenaar

That the renovation of the villa in Wassenaar, designed by architect Henk Wegerif in 1925, would take a lot of time, was already clear when Remy accepted the commission last year. The project will take some time to complete, but the 3D impressions recently rolled off the drawing board. Striking is the use of materials that each have their own pattern, such as wood and natural stone. 
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Steel Doors 2.0. This is the name of a collection of steel doors that Remy developed together with De Rooy Metaaldesign. The collaboration is not a coincidence. In previous projects, Remy already used doors from the family business. With Steel Doors 2.0, both parties are breaking new ground.What that exactly means is still a secret. ‘I want to make a sequel to what is already there', Remy explains.
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Mansion between water and city

Monography: Simply Elegant

Simplicity. Perhaps there is no other word that better describes the work of interior architect Remy Meijers. The various elements in his interiors are so perfectly placed that it seems as if natural laws have been followed, and that it could not have been otherwise. His philosophy is reflected clearly in his book Simply Elegant. It is now for sale for 61,50 €.
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The quest for perfect balance

In the work of interior designer Remy Meijers (1974), all elements are perfectly in place. His interiors are therefore almost self-evident. As if they have always been like this. But there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. Behind the apparent simplicity of his interior designs lies a coherent and comprehensive vision honed continuously over two decades. Meijers’ oeuvre includes not only interiors, but also architecture, accessories and furniture. According to Meijers’ philosophy, these are not separate elements, but rather complementary parts of an intelligible whole.
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