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New design: Villa in Brabant

The design of this spacious Villa in Brabant clearly shows that Remy was involved in the plans at an early stage. The clear floorplan is built around various sightlines, so that interior and exterior closely fit together. Through the glass facades, the green surroundings appear to be part of the design. 
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The Best Dutch Interior Design 2018

Where does their passion for living come from? What drives them? What makes their work so fascinating? In the book The Best Dutch Interior Design 2018, which will be published at the beginning of July, a number of prominent Dutch interior designers will answer these questions. It goes without saying that Remy is one of them. The book devotes ample attention to his project Historical Villa in Amersfoort, which was previously published in Simply Elegant. 
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Apartments in Zeist are in demand

Last weekend in Zeist, the presale of thirteen apartments designed by Remy started. With success. The day attracted a lot of visitors, who without exception showed their enthusiasm for project De Hooght. Many of the visitors have registered for one of the apartments that will be realised in a fifty year old office building in the centre of the city. 
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Now for sale: Simply Elegant

Simplicity. Perhaps there is no other word that better describes the work of interior architect Remy Meijers. The various elements in his interiors are so perfectly placed that it seems as if natural laws have been followed, and that it could not have been otherwise. His philosophy is reflected clearly in his new book Simply Elegant. It is now for sale for 59,50 €.
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Impression: spacious villa in the middle of Holland

A spacious villa on a country estate in the middle of Holland. Remy has been working hard over the past few weeks to redefine it. The original look and feel of the house built in 1869 served as a guide.
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Discover Penthouse on the Canal

Remy's first design for Danca

The first result of the collaboration between Remy and the Dutch furniture manufacturer Danca is recently launched. Piero is made up of different shapes, giving the bank and hocker a friendly, almost loose look.
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New at Gelderland: Chaise Royal

New to the Gelderland collection is Chaise Royal, a modular system that can be completely tailored to the needs of the user. The system is built around a basic element on which a backrest can be placed.
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Successful launch Simply Elegant Elegant

Last Friday, interior designers Jan and Monique des Bouvrie and Marcel Wolterinck were given the first copies of Simply Elegant, the second monograph of Remy Meijers. The well-visited book presentation was one of the highlights of the second edition of Salon Residence in Singer Laren. During a short talk show in the theatre, presented by Froukje de Both, the makers of the book gave text and explanation.
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The quest for perfect balance

In the work of interior designer Remy Meijers (1974), all elements are perfectly in place. His interiors are therefore almost self-evident. As if they have always been like this. But there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. Behind the apparent simplicity of his interior designs lies a coherent and comprehensive vision honed continuously over two decades. Meijers’ oeuvre includes not only interiors, but also architecture, accessories and furniture. According to Meijers’ philosophy, these are not separate elements, but rather complementary parts of an intelligible whole.
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